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Cavendish Labs AI Safety Fellowship

Cavendish Labs offers a fellowship for exceptional early-career researchers to work with us on a meaningful project in AI safety. This is a rapidly developing field and something that's very important to get right; we're optimistic that safe AI will be able to improve the world in previously unimaginable ways. Come work with us to make the unbelievably great future a reality!

Below are some requirements, as well as benefits we might like to see from applicants. Note that the most important characteristics are curiosity, optimism, an ability to learn, and a desire to do meaningful work, which are more important than anything else. Notably, no AI safety experience is expected.

What we're looking for

Key Responsibilities


Optional but might be helpful


Our Hiring Process

In a new, important, and rapidly developing field, we at Cavendish Labs are looking for talented researchers with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. If you are unsure if you are "the right person" for this fellowship, we highly encourage you to apply!